Every 15 Minutes: Drunk Driving Education Comes to Fife High School

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Dear Fife High School family,

Today Fife High School juniors and seniors participated in an intense, emotional educational activity about the consequences of drunk driving.  The day culminated with a mock crash scene in our stadium complete with response from police, fire, medical, and other emergency personnel.  Tomorrow (Friday, May 3), juniors and seniors will complete the school day with a follow up and closure activity.

Please be sure to connect with your kids about their experience today.  We know many of our families have been touched by drunk driving and other traumatic losses.  Even students who have not dealt with similar situations in their lives may be deeply affected by their experience today.  This is a good time to touch base with your teenager and see how they are feeling.

One of the reasons this program is being presented at this time is because prom is Saturday night.  Already there are many rumors of parties being planned following the dance.  I would like to stress that underage drinking is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous.  Those of us who have worked in high schools for a good number of years have stories to tell about students we have lost at this time of year--deaths and grievous injuries that were 100% avoidable.  We want to make sure all of our kids stay healthy and safe, this weekend and after.  

Every 15 Minutes is a national curriculum and has made a huge impact on 11th and 12th graders around the nation for a number of years (see Every 15 Minutes for details about the curriculum).  We appreciate the tremendous efforts of the Fife Police Department, who coordinated all the logistics for Every 15 Minutes coming to Fife High School.

Please check back with us on this page over the next few days, as we add photos and student input. 

Thank you, FHS family, for your support in this intense and uncomfortable but necessary experience.   

Most sincerely yours,

Amanda Fox, Principal

Every 15 Minutes 5/2/13

Fife High School would like to give a huge shout out of thanks to the Fife Police Department, for bringing this experience to us this year!