1st Day of School Sophomore/New Student Orientation: Tuesday, September 4, 2012--special class schedule

This year we are devoting the morning of the first day of school to welcoming all newcomers to the FHS family with an orientation that guarantees to be both valuable and fun--because it's been created, designed, and implemented by students themselves.  The orientation will offer practical information about students' real life at Fife--the information our upperclassmen wish they had been given when they started as sophomores.  Students will be introduced to behavior expectations and taken on a tour of FHS that highlights what can take a new student months to discover. Finally, students will get to walk through their class schedule and meet their teachers before all the juniors and seniors arrive and crowd the hallways and classrooms.
7:40-11am:  All sophomores and new juniors and seniors meet in the main gym by 7:40am for orientation.  School buses will be running on regular schedule, so upperclassmen who rely on the school bus for transportation will arrive by 7:40am and report to the FHS library.
11-11:40am:  All-campus lunch. 
11:40am:  The regular school day begins.  Returning juniors and seniors must be on campus at this time.  Students will go to all six of their classes.  Note:  juniors and seniors who do not wish to be on campus until 11am (for lunch) or 11:40am (for the start of classes) need to provide their own transportation to school.