Traffic Safety Info

Fife has been certified by the State of Washington to administer both the knowledge test and the skills test to obtain a Washington State driver’s license.

If the applicant is under the age of 18 he or she must have proof of passing a traffic safety course approved by the state to apply. Once this is obtained they may take the tests at Fife High School.

The knowledge test must be passed before the skills test can be given.

Must pass all tests by 80%

Test consists of 40 questions taken from the Washington State Driver's Guide.

Test includes Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, and Hazard Awareness

  • Traffic Safety runs three sessions per school year: fall {September - December}, winter {January - May} and spring {May - June; 5 days/week}.

  • Cost per session per student (includes classroom & drives) --------- $ 575.00 {*Payment Options: $575.00 before session begins OR $300.00 due Before class begins; $275.00 due midway through session}

  • Field Trip --------- $ 10.00

  • No fee for use of training vehicle.

  • Fife TSE Student Knowledge and Skills Test Fee* ----------------- $ 75.00 {*includes 2 Knowledge & 2 Skills test}

  • Knowledge and Skills Test Fee for Other Qualified Applicants ------- $ 100.00

  • Successive Knowledge Re-Take Test Fee --------- $ 20.00 ea 

  • Skills Test Re-Take Fee ------- $ 25.00 ea

  • No Refunds for TSE class and/or DOL fees

To Register for Traffic Safety please contact the bookkeeper at 253-517-1100 ext. 24563.

** Mr. Hosley is the Traffic Safety Education Director. 

  • All grievance / complaints will go though Mr. Hosley
  • All knowledge and skill test dates are scheduled with Mr. Hosley only.

The Department of Licensing reserves the right to conduct random re-examinations; applicants refusing to take a re-exam may have their license revoked.

The form below must accompany payment to the Fife High School Bookkeeper to reserve a spot in the Traffic Safety {Driver's Ed.} class.

Winter Traffic Safety

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