Activities & Athletics

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FHS Athletics Philosophy

Fife High School has a long, proud history of achievement in classrooms and on the athletic field.   Our athletes can be proud to be part of this long tradition of excellence.  We expect our athletes to behave appropriately, with dignity, graciousness, honor, and humility, on the field and off.  Our goals include instilling in our athletes teamwork and leadership ability; competitiveness and skill; a sense of community and a sense of service.  Teaching young people to be part of something larger than themselves, something powerful and positive and memorable, is an investment in the future of our society.  It is in the athletic arena that young people often find out what they are made of and capable of, and the coaches in their lives are powerfully transformative.  We want our athletes to be proud but not arrogant; to fight but not be cruel; to push themselves and others but to treat all with compassion and respect.

The Heart of the Trojan

Acceptance – Commitment – Courage – Empathy – Forgiveness – Honesty – Humility – Integrity – Kindness – Respect – Sacrifice – Selflessness


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